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Advent in Prague 地图显示|Czech Republic
2018/11/12  |Advent in Prague
Enjoy this year’s Advent in Prague. We will guide you to the most beautiful Christmas market and where to enjoy the true atmosphere of Christmas. Christmas is one of the most popular holidays in the Czech Republic. Families get together to exchange gifts, and everyone gets into the festive...
Traces of the Communist Regime 地图显示|Czech Republic
2018/11/5  |Traces of the Communist Regime
The anniversary of the fall of the Iron Curtain – and the Communist regime in Eastern Europe along with it – is approaching. Come with us and explore the traces it left behind. The Czech Republic, formerly Czechoslovakia, fell under the influence of the communist Soviet Union that lasted...
St. Martin Traditions – Celebrating Young Wine 地图显示|Czech Republic
2018/10/29  |St. Martin Traditions – Celebrating Young Wine
The feast of St. Martin, whom the Czechs honour on 11 November, celebrates good food and drink. That is why we invite you to experience the best of what the Czech Republic has to offer this year! The feast of St. Martin is the time of year when autumn slowly turns to winter, temperatures...
Celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Foundation of an Independent Czechoslovakia 地图显示|Czech Republic
2018/10/22  |Celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Foundation of an Independent Czechoslovakia
This year is marked by celebrations, exhibitions, concerts and social events that will come to a peak on 28 October. Do not miss the most interesting events. The First World War that rewrote the history of Europe ended in 1918. Old states ceased to exist and new states were born: an...
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